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 Medical Practice Partner provides innovative and affordable services that maximize reimbursement (billing), ensure compliance (auditing) and help you follow guidelines within healthcare industry standards (consulting).  We offer comprehensive practice management solutions to the everyday functionality of a medical practice.  


Our approach allows providers to focus solely on quality patient care.

Through our highly competent team and professional network, we can help with the facilitation of daily responsibilities.  We assist with establishing standard operating procedures to improve efficiency and increase profitability by streamlining work flow processes for the services you provide.


Medical Practice Partner performs comprehensive billing functions for physician practices (private and group). In addition to billing, auditing and coding, we team with experts to offer value added services nationwide which includes compliance, operations and utilization management.

Revenue Cycle Management


With Medical Practice Partner's Revenue Cycle Management services, we handle the ins and outs of your billing structure so you can focus on patient care. Our high performance measures encompass all of your billing needs helping you set fees, gather information, collect revenue, and file claims so you can build better, more manageable revenue streams.

What sets us apart

We’re fast, intuitive to your needs, and we care. Our speedy collection-retrieval process means you’ll gain more client revenue and have fewer medical-billing headaches.

We are unique among medical billing services in handling a multitude of specialties:​

  • Private Practice

  • Group Practice

  • Laboratory (POL & Independent)

  • Behavioral Health & Treatment Services



  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Billing Analysis

  • Medical Necessity Audits

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • Laboratory Compliance

  • Appeals/Denials Management

  • Consulting

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